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About GlobaLinguist
At GlobaLinguist, we are creating a new generation of language technology to address the historic shift in language use underway around the world.
Driven primarily by globalization and rising global economies, it has been estimated that two billion people will be actively engaged in learning a second language by the end of the next decade. GlobaLinguist is filling the need for language resources by providing innovative, web-based language-learning solutions for schools, businesses, governments, and individuals anywhere in the world, supporting any language.
The majority of the next billion Internet users are coming from non-English speaking countries. These users will benefit from the Internet and the opportunities created through globalization only if they can communicate in this new, wired world.
WordChamp.com, GlobaLinguist's innovative website, is the web's fastest growing multilingual community, providing a new platform for learning and teaching foreign languages, and providing resources for networking across countries, languages, and cultures.
WordChamp.com provides members with an open database of user-generated language learning content that includes word pairs in over 100 languages, self-paced exercises for individual learners, free resources for language teachers, and community networking tools to assist anyone in the day-to-day development of a foreign language.
WordChamp.com users currently span 217 countries and include over 50,000 language teachers from 195 countries.
GlobaLinguist, Inc. is privately held.
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