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to introduce conjugations
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to introduce
Infinitive to introduce
Gerund introducing
Participle introduced
you  introduce
he/she/it  introduces
we  introduce
they  introduce
you  introduced
he/she/it  introduced
we  introduced
they  introduced
will introduce
you  will introduce
he/she/it  will introduce
we  will introduce
they  will introduce
Present Progressive
am introducing
you  are introducing
he/she/it  is introducing
we  are introducing
they  are introducing
Present Perfect
have introduced
you  have introduced
he/she/it  has introduced
we  have introduced
they  have introduced
Past Perfect
had introduced
you  had introduced
he/she/it  had introduced
we  had introduced
they  had introduced
Future Perfect
will have introduced
you  will have introduced
he/she/it  will have introduced
we  will have introduced
they  will have introduced
that I  introduce that we  introduce
that you  introduce that they  introduce
that he/she/it  introduce
if I  introduced if we  introduced
if you  introduced if they  introduced
if he/she/it  introduced
if I  should introduce
were to introduce
if we  should introduce
were to introduce
if you  should introduce
were to introduce
if they  should introduce
were to introduce
if he/she/it  should introduce
were to introduce
Arabic:   ‏ ‏يَقْتُل‏ ‏يُقدّم‏
Chinese (Mandarin):   ‎ 介紹 介绍
French:   ‎ implanter instaurer introduire
German:   ‎ einführen vor+stellen vorstellen vorstellen (+ Dat)
Greek:   ‎ κατέχω
Hebrew:   ‏ ‏לְהַכִּיר‏
Hindi:   ‎ परिचय देना
Indonesian:   ‎ memperkenalkan
Italian:   ‎ inserire introdurre presentare
Korean:   ‎ 소개하다
Latin:   ‎ inducointroduco
Malay:   ‏ memperkenalkan
Portuguese:   ‎ apresentar introduzir
Romanian:   ‎ a introduce
Serbian:   ‎ увести унети упознати
Spanish:   ‎ innovar introducir
Swahili:   ‎ ingiza
Swedish:   ‎ att introducera
Turkish:   ‎ tanıtmak
Urdu:   ‏ ‏متعارف کرانا‏
Vietnamese:   ‎ giới thiệu
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